The PhotoMasking technique computer digitizes an image to produce an accurate, reproducible stencil, from which a highly-detailed and abrasive resistant mask is formed.

With the use of a specifically formulated adhesive, this mask is then transformed onto the desired material to be sandblasted. This process eliminates the tedious task of handcutting resists (adhesive masks which resist sandblasting), and creates an accurate, reproducible stencil. Even the most complex and detailed designs can be stenciled using this PhotoMasking technique.

PhotoMask process allow us to etch from small scale products, such as premium incentives, to large scale photographic images on glass. With unlimited possibilities for exterior & interior architectural applications.

With only your pictures, sketches or even an idea, Creative Art Glass will create original and/or camera-ready artwork, providing a full range of graphic design services for your PhotoMask needs. Contact our designer to discuss the many creative possibilities.


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Photo Etching

Large Format Etching