General Glass Information / Treatments

Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet resistant glass is created by using multiple layers of glass with multiple layers of laminate. Bullet resistant glass can be fabricated in many different configurations. The most popular are as follows: CLASS I - .38 Special Handgun
4 Lites of 1/4" + 1 Lite of 1/8" = 1 3/16"
CLASS II - .357 Magnum Handgun
1 Lite of 1/4" + 1 Lite of 3/8" + 2 Lites of 1/4" + 1 Lite of 1/8" = 1 1/2"
CLASS III - .44 Handgun
1 Lite of 1/4" + 2 Lites of 3/4" + 2 Lites of 1/4" + 1 Lite of 1/8" = 1 3/4"
CLASS IV - High Power Rifle
8 Lites of 1/4" + 1 Lite of 1/8" Heat Strengthened = 2 1/2"

Security Glass

Security has become a growing concern to the business community. Laminated glass provides safety as well as security. Tempered glass can easily be broken with one smack from a sharp object. By installing tempered glass laminated to annealed glass, the glass may smash, but will not come crashing to the floor. Multiple layers can be added, including bullet resistant glass for the protection of people as well as property. Security glass can be offered in many different configurations. An example is using tempered glass as an outboard lite for impact strength with annealed inboard lite for holding the window in place after it is broken. Various materials can be placed in the interlayer for added security, such as Wire Mesh, Kevlar, expanded metal, and others.

Sound Control

Noise pollution is a problem more people are facing in already crowded cities. Laminated glass provides unique sound control properties. STC ratings are given to glass with the higher STC number being the best. Sound waves are interrupted when passing through laminated glass. By varying the thickness of the glass used in the sandwich, higher STC ratings are reached. Multiple layers (3 or 4) further quiet the interior environment. Insulated glass made with laminated glass on both the inboard and outboard lites will achieve the highest rating. Air spaces and some gasses contained in an air space will also increase the STC rating.

U.V. Control

By using a glass laminate, you are automatically providing a filter with every lite of glass. The glass laminate stops 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays, thus preventing fading of carpets, wall coverings, drapes and furniture, as well as any health related problems.

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