Decorative Glass Rocks

Code Size Weight Price/lb.
A 2"x2" 1 lb. $3.38
B 2"x3" 1-3 lb. $3.60
C 4"x5" 3-6 lb. $4.38
D 6"x7" 6-10 lb. $4.80
E 8"x9" 10 -15 lb. $6.50
F 10"x14" 30 lb. $7.80
G Call Call Call

All our glass rocks have gone through a fire polishing process to bring up its natural beauty and eliminate sharp edges.

There are six categories to identify different sizes of the glass rocks.

Starting from Category "A" representing the smallest size pieces approximately 2" x 3" surface area per piece and Category "G" representing the largest size pieces approximately 20" x 20" surface area. Due to irregular shape of each glass rock, glass rock is sold by the lb. Current wholesale price from CDN$3.38/lb