General Artwork Requirements

To achieve the highest quality in our work, high quality artwork is required.
Below are guidelines, which will help you provide acceptable electronic files. We reserve the right to reject any artwork not suitable for engraving.

Black & White Artwork

Artwork should be black and white Black = Blast/Frost, with no colors, shading or shadows (half tone not acceptable).
Colors and shading cannot be reproduced with sandblasting or sandcarving.
Artwork should be at least 300 dpi resolution for best results.
Lines and edges should be very sharp and clean (no jagged edges or bitmaps).
Minimum line or space resolution is .01

Photo Image / PhotoMask Artwork Requirements (also see PhotoMask)

Provide us with Black & White or Color Photographs, or digital file in tif or jpg.

Sending Files Electronically

Our Art department uses CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator for computerized artwork.
If you would like to send your artwork to us on disk or via e-mail, it should be in a PC compatible digital format. Save as either an Adobe Illustrator (.eps or ai) file or a CorelDraw (.cdr) file. In Adobe Illustrator, all text should be converted to curves to avoid possible conversion of fonts that cannot be matched. Please include a laser-printed hardcopy for reference. If your digital artwork were unreadable, we would then scan your hardcopy.
EMAIL your artwork to:

If you do not have your artwork in one of the above formats, or are unsure how to send it, please contact us at either 416-901-8188 or